Bringing interoperability to light - Silvair joins forces with manufacturers to enter the lighting ecosystem driven by Bluetooth mesh networking standard

March 6, 2018

Silvair, a pioneer in lighting control technology using Bluetooth mesh networking standard, announces partnerships with Fulham, McWong International, Murata, Danlers, ERP Power and DG Light to bring to the market a wide range of components and products designed for setting up smart lighting infrastructures in commercial spaces. 

Silvair’s wireless control technology allows a variety of drivers, fixture controllers, sensors, switches, LED engines to become part of a global smart lighting ecosystem driven by the Bluetooth mesh networking standard. Bluetooth advancements such as unmatched scalability, wired-like reliability and high-level security make a solid foundation for smart lighting solutions. The appearance of products empowered by Bluetooth mesh indicates that the market is now ready for open wireless lighting control solutions. It also shows how fast the market is adopting the Bluetooth mesh standard. All of the above-mentioned products will be compatible with energy harvesting wireless switches made for quick and intuitive control of connected lighting systems due to Silvair’s collaboration with EnOcean.

Along with Bluetooth mesh compatible products, Silvair will launch its commissioning platform - a specifically designed tool ensuring a smooth and secure setup of smart lighting infrastructures. Thanks to its prominent performance, the commissioning process both in small-scale locations as well as large commercial spaces is time and cost-efficient at every step from the planning stage to the system implementation. Besides the web portal, the platform includes a mobile application enabling users to always be in full control of lighting conditions.  

“I am truly excited for all the changes in the industry that are about to happen because of smart lighting solutions based on Bluetooth mesh technology. As Silvair, we are happy to be supported by some of the world’s most renowned companies in the business,” says Rafal Han, CEO of Silvair. “We are looking forward to presenting a vast number of high-quality products using our lighting control firmware as well as introducing our commissioning platform. This is undoubtedly the next big step on the way to creating a fully interoperable global ecosystem.”

“SylSmart solutions, and our Smart Lighting Innovation Centre (SLIC) are founded on open, interoperable standards that we believe are needed for IoT to thrive. We are very excited by the release of the Bluetooth mesh standard, and in particular Silvair's lighting control stack. We look forward to demonstrating one of the world’s first Bluetooth mesh certified lighting controls systems at Light+Building 2018, and in particular how lighting can co-operate openly with other room elements such as HVAC. We will continue our collaboration, fostering and pushing the adoption of this much-needed standard with Silvair as the industry pioneers.” says Edward Lees, Global Senior Product Line Manager – Smart Lighting and Controls,  Feilo Sylvania

“Addressing the needs of modern lighting control systems was a key requirement in the development of the Bluetooth mesh networking standard,” said Ken Kolderup, vice president of Marketing at Bluetooth SIG. “We are delighted to see the rapid adoption of Bluetooth in the lighting industry, which will help accelerate the deployment of interoperable connected lighting systems that will serve as a platform for a variety of IoT services in the future.”

More information about the upcoming components and their functionalities can be obtained during the Light+Building trade fair on March 18-23, 2018 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. Silvair will be presenting the interoperability of the above-mentioned products at booth no. E80 in hall 9.1. together with the commissioning platform and its corresponding smartphone app.  


About Silvair

Silvair provides complete and flexible lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth mesh networking technology. Component manufacturers can easily integrate them into a variety of products, flexibly choosing specific features in accordance with their customers’ needs. In addition, our intelligent lighting platform includes dedicated tools for commissioning and managing connected lighting systems in commercial buildings, effectively future-proofing them against increasingly stringent energy codes.

About Fulham

Fulham is a leading global supplier of intelligent, socially-conscious sustainable commercial lighting components, sub-systems, and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms, and sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels.

About ERP Power

ERP is an American company established in 2004 in Moorpark, CA. Its mission is to design and manufacture small, smart and connected LED drivers. ERP is an owner of ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility enabling it to produce high-quality low-energy consuming lighting products prepared for use in professional applications. 

About Murata 

Murata is one of the global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic components used in professional applications. Founded in 1944, this Japanese company is a globally known brand, employing more than 55 thousand people worldwide. Its multifunctional energy-effective and quality products belong to the best ones available on the market.

About McWong International

For more than 30 years, McWong has combined the best of East and West in leading the design and manufacture of high-quality lighting control equipment and related electrical components. Through its respected PacWave™ and Pacific product series, the company has demonstrated an unparalleled mix of innovation, quality and service to a strong and loyal customer base. With state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities in both California USA and China, the company offers a comprehensive line of control components for OEMs as well as robust stand-alone solutions for contractors, ESCOs and facility managers seeking to implement energy-saving control solutions. More information about McWong International can be found at

About Danlers 

Located in Chippenham, UK, Danlers is a family owned company with a rich heritage of designing and manufacturing innovative electronic controls. Having 20+ years of experience, its current goal is to develop next-generation lighting products for the industry undergoing rapid change due to influx of LED lighting and digital technology. 

About DG Light 

Started in 2015 from people with experience in the LED Lighting market since 2002, DG Light is an Italian company offering electronic components particularly addressed to the SSL customers. In partnership with Newlab, a company born in 2004, involved in the research, design, and development of innovative solutions in the field of LED lighting, DG Light is developing a family of innovative dimmers, bridges, switches and drivers based on the BLE Mesh Silvair platform. The first product already available is a BLE-DALI bridge.