Kenall Updates LuxTran™ DLD1220 -- Budget-Friendly Underpass/Viaduct Lighting

May 23, 2018

Fiscal responsibility on an infrastructure project means finding the most efficient, highest quality products that fit municipal budget constraints. That’s why Kenall updated the Luxtran™ DLD1220 series. This LED luminaire has the signature features of Kenall’s most durable transportation luminaires, but with a cast-aluminum housing instead of stainless steel. This housing provides sturdiness and value in spaces more protected from the elements, providing an ideal solution for cost-sensitive underpass and viaduct projects.

Michael Maltezos, MIES, Kenall’s Transportation Sales Manager, pointed out that the DLD 1220 has a number of features that make it especially appealing for municipalities: “This fixture was designed specifically with underpasses and viaducts in mind, so there is quite a bit of flexibility with regards to light distribution and mounting options. Being able to direct the light accurately helps increase safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.” He added that the DLD1220 series is also very efficacious and has a long LED life, with an L70 of between 150,000 and 200,000 hours, representing more than 17 years of continuous use.

The DLD1220 joins other LuxTran luminaires that are illuminating prominent infrastructure projects across the United States, from the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel in Brooklyn to the new Alaskan Way Viaduct (SR-99) in Seattle. To find out more about theLuxTran™ family of transportation lighting, visit

About Kenall

Kenall Manufacturing was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and has built a reputation for durable lighting solutions of superior quality and exceptional value. Today, the company creates unique solutions for the transportation, healthcare, high abuse, food processing, cleanroom/containment and correctional lighting markets. Kenall luminaires are designed and manufactured in the USA and meet the guidelines established under the Buy American Act and the North American Free Trade Agreement.