New, Patented, Horticultural LED Has Lower Production Costs!

Jan. 18, 2019

The increased use of LEDs for horticultural lighting has made that product segment especially competitive. A recently issued U.S. Patent covers an invention that dramatically reduces the cost of manufacturing horticultural LEDs! The company that acquires this patent and implements this technology will leapfrog the technology of all of its competitors and grab a significant share of the horticultural LED market!

U.S. Patent No. 8,333,487 for an “LED Grow Light” covers the next generation of horticultural LED design and assembly:

  • LED-based optic fixture for growing plants includes a single, two-sided FR4-based PCB.
  • The patent design significantly lowers the cost of manufacturing LED light fixtures.
  • Final assembly is faster and done at a lower cost since additional assembly and wiring for the LED driver circuits is not required.
  • The overall design enables the fixture to be easily sealed from humidity.
  • This patented lighting fixture can be used to provide lighting for all kinds of plants, especially those grown hydroponically.

According to Alec Schibanoff, Vice President of IPOfferings LLC, the patent broker that represents this intellectual property, “There is intense price pressure on manufacturers of LEDs with horticultural applications. The company that has the foresight to acquire this critical patent will be able to significantly decrease its manufacturing costs, increase its profits, and significantly expand its market share in the horticultural LED sector. That manufacturer will enjoy a monopoly through 2030.”

A Brokerage Marketing Package that includes complete details on the technology and its implementation can be requested  from patent brokerage, patent valuation and intellectual property consulting services firm IPOfferings at [email protected] or 845-377-6911.