Why the same standard power products on the market price difference so much

April 13, 2017

LED plant lamp cost, the cost of lamp beads accounted for the largest share, and each plant lamp factory will be marked with light beads brands such as Guanghong, wafer, three security. This is also just that the lamp beads each plant lamp factory are outsourced, so the same brand with the power lamp beads, no one can pull a big gap (my factory output than those who sell bargains most of the small workshops , If from this point I plant advantage is even greater). Accounting for the largest lamp beads are not much difference, then the other accessories more difficult to pull the price gap.

From the cost of assembly to open the gap?

I have a few pieces of factory placement machine, one can be about 15 people around, and many very cheap to sell a small factory, are manually posted or outsourced to others posted, so the assembly cost of my factory is still lower (factory size is easy Contrast, ask people plant area, ask and then say you want to come to see the factory, bragging people certainly can not give you read.

What is the difference in factory profits?

LED plant lights, although the scale of a small number of domestic factories, but there are no mobile phone industry as Apple's mobile phone can come out on top, the same configuration can be opened by other countries such a large price distance. Then the difference between the brand name difference is no difference in other circumstances, than other companies opened several times the profits unless the factory is not want to do business.

The reasons for the price difference are as follows

1, posing (for example, with 1W bead posing as 3W, with two 1W chip combination posing as 10W) LED lamp beads industry, the size of the 30mil (lamp beads in the middle of the square of the small black chip size) the size of the chip called 1W, and 42-45mil size of the chip called 3W, single 5W chip is not how popular, and the price is expensive. Which is currently on the market circulation of a single chip is mainly 1W and 3W, and 5W have to use two 3W combination, if it is 10W lamp beads have to use the minimum 4 3W chip (only two-chip said 10W, absolutely is Posing, can be directly on the Alibaba search 10W lamp beads to see what kind of know). So for the impersonation of the 3W can be resolved, 1W lamp beads with 3W, buy two put together, and even take pictures of each shot, as long as you can see the chip, you can compare the size.

2, lamp beads only with a red one blue, and many of the more expensive lamp beads, such as IR is not worth. Or with the band is not correct B lights, or add a lot of useless white light beads, looks very bright but the color is not right, this can be different price of the two lights can be lit together can be compared.

3, lamp beads brand prices will be different, the lamp commonly used in the lamp from expensive to cheap in general can row: Corey> OSRAM> wafer> Guanghong> San'an. At present, most of the domestic use of light macro, of course, there are a lot of unknown lamp beads posing as a bright macro, the need for professional point of equipment to compare out.

Common sense:

30mil size 1W white light beads, 45mil size 3W white LED light beads, they are able to do enough power. Because 1W lamp beads operating voltage in the 2.9-3.5V, current 350ma. 3W lamp beads operating voltage 3.1-4.5V, current 700ma. Power = voltage x current, doing it just like the standard power. And colored light bead with the same name as the white light, that is, 42-45mil size called 3W. But the red light can withstand 1.8-2.3V, working current 350ma. 3W lamp beads can withstand the working voltage of 2.2-2.6V, current 700ma. This down, the red light 1W lamp can actually do 0.63-0.8W, 3W red light power can do 1.54-1.82W.

Plant lights because of the installation of a variety of LED lamp beads, some lamp beads lower operating voltage, such as 3W IR (far infrared) lamp beads can withstand 1.6-1.8V voltage, in order to protect the low voltage lamp beads to the current domestic plant lamp factory Mature technology can only be used to reduce the voltage and current. Therefore, the standard 300W actual power to do 150W, the standard 600W actual power 300W is a normal level, higher than this level is to let some lamp beads overload work, lower than this level too much, that is fraud.