The importance of LED street light waterproof

April 17, 2017

As is known to all, LED street light as public lighting, a day after the wind rain, severe corrosion of its appearance, reduce the service life. Little imagine, the service life of theLED street light internal corrosion is the largest bane.

LED street light cavity in the body will be a relatively airtight air regiment, when after the LED street lamp lighting, air will swell, and quench air will shrink, which is LED street light there are fatal "breathing effect". LED street light every day through the process of this kind of "breath effect", will turn out for the cavity body in a certain amount of water vapor, water easily and it is very difficult out into the street lamps, condenses into water droplets, the passage of time will eventually corrosion LED devices and PCB board, LED to the LED street light. Therefore, completes the LED lights inside to corrode, LED street light waterproof level is the key.

Luminhome LED street light separate the light source and the body, We are the No.1 modular design with None screw avoid rusting. Protection grade reach IP68 specifications, special lamp body streamlined structure design, LED street light heat efficiency, low wind resistance, good self-cleaning and average service life of up to 80,000 hours.