How to select qualified LED Explosion-proof lamp manufacturers

April 17, 2017

How to pick the LED lamp manufacturers? The confusion must be bothering you, then here small make up to you to reassure! Can start according to the following points.

A, The quality of the lighting

Products, is in the first place to examine, because without a good product, preferential price and thoughtful service, is also useless. So, inspect the product quality is very important. From the LED lighting manufacturer's raw material selection to production technology level of workers to the advanced production equipment, all want to know. Other companies what did to product quality certification, products are accord with what standard production, these are details in order to ensure product quality.

Familiar with LED explosion-proof industry knows that is south of the country's largest LED lighting manufacturers. Live in here, the big and small special explosion-proof lamp manufacturers, but in the fierce market competition, with a large enterprise bankruptcy, mainly because the manufacturer production caused by unqualified products.

B, The enterprise production qualification

Numerous LED lighting manufacturers, to wholesalers throughout the country provides more and better choices. But in choosing suppliers, don't understand the online information is easy to make a choice. To be on understanding, so as not to be deceived by small workshops. If you can't personally to the factory to understand, the first to contact to ask the factory production qualification, to prove its production qualification documents, on the authority website to verify information to ensure corporate production qualification. This is also the quality of the products provide a guarantee for himself.

C, Technology research and development strength

LED lighting belongs to the lighting industry, manufacturers if have independent research and development team, then produce products on the market will have unique competitive advantage, and then acting wholesalers also corresponding products with unique advantages, more competitive in the market. Instead, manufacturers do not have independent research and development ability, can only produce mass products on the market, serious product homogeneity, product competitiveness is not strong, will cause no good impact on sales. In addition, a firm's emphasis on independent research and development and investment also can be seen that the enterprise is a long-term development perspective, enterprise strength is generally strong.

D, The brand influence

On the modern market, the competition between enterprises is not only the spell products, and brand. Wholesalers in the understanding of the market, will be in contact with the LED lamp of some well-known brand manufacturers in the industry. Understand the influence of these big brand in the market, you will find, well-known brands to attract customers is immeasurable. Some customers are blunt brand to select your products. So, when choosing partners, the enterprise or product brand influence is also an important reference.

E, The after-sale service abilityIn today's fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumers' rights consciousness and the change of consumption idea, consumer in the choose and buy lighting, attention to product entity itself, not only in quality and performance of the same kind of similar cases, pay more attention to the product after-sales service. Therefore, the enterprise to provide lighting at the same time, provide perfect after-sales service to consumers, has become the new focus of modern enterprise competition in the market.