New breakthroughs in LED lighting thermal solution, eLED Series cooler made it different

June 5, 2017

From Edison’s invented lights to the LED high-end lighting, LED plays more and more important role. In recent years, propelling the global LED market, LED lighting offers enormous prospects to save energy intake across residential, outdoor and architectural applications. However, " The heat sink is the soul of the LED performance" according DR.Wang, senior designer in LED industry at his paper. It can be expressed in this words “All high output LEDs usually have a tendency to dissipate a significant lot of heat, so choose a suitable heat sink is very important”.


Longer life span and high efficacy of LED lamps are key factors propelling the global LED market, R&D heat sink are equivalent to studing LED lighting in the future, and by that time the LED world would look already completely different.


 As a thermal solution leading provider, Mingfa tech developed eLED series passive LED Star Heat Sink.


A new generation of LED cooling

eLED cooling performance has the new breakthrough--surface area up to 30% higher than same size products! Wavy fins increase the surface area to improve heat dissipation, you cant imagine that under the same size the eLED coolers 10%~15% thermal wattage higher than normal star heat sink.    


it's mechanical compatibility with direct mounting of the LED modules to the LED cooler and thermal performance matching the lumen packages. And it was extruded from highly conductive aluminum.


Below list gives an overview of all LED COBs and LED modules which are standard foreseen on this eLEDseries:

- Xicato XSM, XIM,XTM;

- Bridgelux ESS, ESR, Vero 10, Vero 13, V-series;

-Citizen CLL022-CLU024, CLL032-CLU034;

-Cree XLamp CXA13xx, CXA15xx;

-Lumileds Luxeon COB's 1203, 1204, 1205,Luxeon K arrays  K12, K16;

-Osram Soleriq S13, S19, E30

-Seoul Semiconductor ZC6, ZC12;

-Tridonic TALEXXmodule SLE modules.

-LG Innotek LEMWM18 10W, 13W;

-Edison EdiLex SLM and EdiLex II COB LED engines.

-Lustrous Lustrous Series,Lustrous M Series,Lustrous V5 Series

-Prolight Opto PABS, PABA, PACB, PANA

-Luminus CLM-9,CXM-9,CHM-9 COB engines.

-Vossloh-Schwabe LUGA Shop and LUGA C LED engines.

-Samung LC013 COB LED engines.

-SHARP Mini Zenigata LED engines.

-Philips Fortimo SLM LED engines

Just mechanical compatibility is of course not enough, so a thermal validation will be necessary. Our LED design team is in your service, if you need to assist in thermal compatibility.

Detailed datasheets of the eLED series LED coolers can be found on or


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