Cresolar Smart Use of solar led street lighting

July 5, 2018

The first thing to keep in mind when placing solar street lighting and other decorative solar lamps in multiple areas of your garden is that you should make sure enough illumination is present to highlight items of choice in your garden. This could be anything ranging from a tree, a statue or pond.

Another enhancement you can make with solar lighting is to accentuate shadows. This is easily done by positioning the lights at ground level and in relevant areas which will effectively highlight the objects of your desire.

Solar lights can also be used to project light down on the garden; this method is very useful in a situation where light must shine directly up a tree must and enable a very nice dappled effect. It can also enhance the angles present in your garden as well as giving a softer appearance.


Another great effect would be placing a solar powered light directly underneath the object to be illuminated, this gives a great highlight for the item you have chosen and will make them very noticeable at night.

These small tips highlight how solar lighting can easily be installed anywhere and are not constrained as to their location. Indeed the only issue with placement is that the solar panel should be able to get enough sunlight for a full charge of the batteries.

Solar lights are used in homes all around the world; this is due to the great availability of such great technology. This however means that there is a large range of products that differ in quality and price. This is a very strong contrast to the first solar light models which had very low illumination, of course the technology keeps changing and we are finding that better and more efficient solar powered lights are coming into the market every year.

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