MechaTronix eyes outdoor LED market, reveals next industrial cooler platform

Dec. 28, 2017

Just a few months after the launch of the 2x2MX, the next standardization in outdoor light engines is a fact. This time Lumileds, Ledil and MechaTronix joined forces to create a 2x6 emitter platform for outdoor use. The scope of this LED platform ranges from integration in street lights over high mast applications to industrial high bays. The heart is the Lumileds Luxeon XR-TX, sitting on the MechaTronix CoolBlock® 2x6 LX and covered by the Ledil Strada IP 2x6. Result… an ultra-compact waterproof LED engine, thermally validated, easy to assemble with off-the-shelf available components creating up to 4000 lumen.


▲ CoolBlock® LX-01 2x6 is mounted with Lumileds Luxeon XR-TX 2x6 module only and with Ledil Strada-IP-2x6 lens.


MechaTronix has thrown in a few extra gimmicks this time. With a simple add-on what they named the CoolConnect Inter, the LED engines can be stacked together to an endless power platform. The coolers are developed in this way that after assembly there remains an air gap for optimized convection. Also the water tightness of the cable feed-troughs has been taken into account, by development of a compact M6 gland which fits in the design.


▲ CoolConnect® Inter-01 as a connection bridge allows you to combine 2, 3 or more CoolBlock® LX 2x6 LED coolers.


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