Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe Expands on Success of U.S. Event

March 29, 2017

PennWell Corporation announced today the launch of the Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe to be held High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on Tuesday May 23, 2017.


Expanding on the success of the Horticultural Lighting Conference USA held in October 2016, the European edition will address key topics including light and crops fundamentals, understanding LED versus traditional grow lighting technology, metrics and methods, how to use tunable LEDs to manipulate crop production, new research findings, vertical farming techniques, and more.


“A revolution is happening in horticulture. It’s a seismic shift that is set to change fundamentally how we grow plants – and it’s all down to lighting. Thanks to the unique properties of LED lighting and major advances in our understanding of plants, we now have exciting possibilities to tune the light to boost yield, customize the plant characteristics and maintain plant health,” said Ray Molony, program director for the conference. ”LED lighting looks set to make a major contribution to meeting the world’s increasing need for local, sustainable food production and this conference will provide an important platform for information exchange and networking.”


With LED lighting, it is now possible to manipulate the wavelength, pulse duration and spectral output to modify the structural and chemical characteristics of plants, enabling growers to extract greater yields from crop production. Each species has its own unique light ‘recipe’ which delivers exactly the right light at the right time. Additionally, light can produce suppressive effects on disease-causing viruses, while maintaining plant health and productivity.


 “There is a huge amount of interest across the horticulture industry with LEDs. This is not just because of energy efficiency, but because of the potential to manipulate plants. The main delay in application of the technology is convincing growers that LED is an economically sensible move,” said Dr. Phillip Davis of the UK horticulture research facility Stockbridge Technology Centre and presenter at the Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe.


There are special discounted rates for growers and students at the conference. View the full program and register at http://horticulturelightingconference.com/europe/.


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