The Head of the Seven Wonders - Beijing Daxing International Airport is completed, which use of MOSO LUP series LED Driver

Aug. 15, 2019

According to the 2016 [Guardian" selected the Seven Wonders of the New World, China has taken two seats. One is the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, and the other is the top-ranked Beijing Daxing International Airport!


 Among many important indoor lighting projects, Beijing Daxing International Airport has adopted LED international brand high-end lighting lamps. It is exciting that during the strict selection of the high shed lamp and projector lamp LED Driver in the project, ultimately, MOSO high-end LUP DALI dimming series LED Driver was selected by the project.


The LUP series is a high-reliability and high-power LED driver developed by MOSO for the market with higher security requirements. The output power range covers 75-320W. This series of products continues the [normalized" design concept pioneered by MOSO. With compatibility as the design goal, it integrates the functions of limited power constant current, 0-10V/PWM dimming and time control. The Output has wide load adaptability. It can customize the output specifications through micro-distance infrared remote control or visual software to meet the diversification requirements of market lamps and lanterns, realize the breakthrough of traditional driving power from point-to-point drive to point-to-face drive, and create a standardized "universal power supply".

This series of products are compatible with DALI requirements and can provide auxiliary power for intelligent peripherals as needed to meet the intelligent needs of LED lighting systems. It is widely used in road lighting, industrial lighting, architectural lighting and other applications. It also has a global market pass, passed UL (Class P), CE, CB, ENEC, CCC, DALI, TUV mark and other security or other instructions requirements.

 MOSO Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd., as the first listed company in China with LED driving power as its main industry, is a global advanced power supply solution supplier and a landmark enterprise in the domestic power supply industry. This is a great honor for MOSO. In the future, MOSO will continue to increase investment in R&D, continuously enhance the driving force of innovation, improve product quality and added value, and strive to participate in more urban projects and public construction projects.