Crossroads LED Announces Its Latest 18,000 Lumen Retrofit Luminaire for PAR and Ellipsoidal Stage and Theatre Fixtures

May 9, 2017

Owasso, Oklahoma – CROSSROADS LED, has released the latest generation of its patented and award-winning 120-watt “RT-ES4” LED retrofit luminaire.  First released in 2013, the new retrofit luminaire, with increased performance and efficacy for PAR and Ellipsoidal fixtures, has an optical output of over 18,000 lumens and is capable of converting any 575W incandescent fixture to LED technology.

“The ‘RT-ES4’ retrofit luminaire has redefined high power LED technology with its revolutionary performance and reliability,” says Buddy Stefanoff, Crossroads LED Vice President and Sr. Design Engineer.

The “RT-ES4” utilizes a patented and proprietary thermal management system that allows the LEDs to run significantly cooler while increasing the optical output.  Additionally, the retrofits have an “instant response phase dimming” capability that is compatible with most dimming systems on the market today.

“Facilities have already invested a great deal in their lighting infrastructure,” said Dana Stefanoff, Crossroads LED President, “and the features and capabilities of the ‘RT-ES4’ retrofit luminaire allow facility managers to make the most of this investment.”  This retrofit option increases the options for facilities to make LED conversions as a significantly lower price than replacing an entire light fixture inventory with new and often unproven LED lighting sources.

An additional feature of the “RT-ES4” is its overall versatile and flexible design.  The luminaire can easily be incorporated into a number of new and existing light fixture housings, significantly reducing the development costs and time to market while providing a substantial technological advantage over a competitor’s product line.

The CROSSROADS LED “RT-ES4” retrofit stage and theatre luminaires are available in a wide range of color temperatures from 2750 to 5600 Kelvin and up to a 97 CRI rating.  No longer is the consumer forced to choose between optical output or energy efficiency.  Both aspects, and more, are combined in this industry leading retrofit luminaire.

CROSSROADS LED, LLC, located in Owasso, Oklahoma, is an advanced LED engineering and manufacturing company that utilizes its patented retrofit technology to convert existing and traditional lighting platforms with solid state lighting luminaires for the commercial and industrial lighting markets. 

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