HyLite Introduces New Multi-Mode OptiMax™ LED Tube

Feb. 7, 2018

New HyLite Multi-Mode Tube Simplifies Installation and Replacements

February 6th, 2018

Fort Mill, SC

Although, LED lighting has longer lifespan, there comes a time when the they will eventually have to be replaced. A major obstacle on LED Tube Light replacement is not knowing whether the previously installed LED Tube Light is: Ballast Compatible, Direct Wire, with Single-end Wiring or Double-end Wiring, etc. This situation poses a major challenge for Installers and Maintenance Providers.  Identifying the wiring configuration is fairly time consuming and quite frustrating.

HyLite LED new OptiMax™ Tube solves this issue by offering a completely Universal LED Tube Light which is Ballast Compatible & Direct Wire, Single-End or Double-End Wiring Compatible, Works on Shunted/Un-Shunted Sockets - all in one “LED Tube Light Replacement Solution”. HyLite 12W OptiMax™, Multi-mode LED Tube Light will save tremendous amount of time and challenges on maintenance and labor. Simply plug in the OptiMax™ Tube Light without having to worry about any Ballast or Wiring Configuration.

HyLite 12W OptiMax™, Multi-mode LED Tube Light features a highly efficient 150 LPW and is available in 4000K and 5000K.  At 12W, the HyLite LED OptiMax™ Tube saves up to 75% compared to T8 fluorescent tubes.  DLC Listed – Qualifies for Utility rebates.  

The HyLite LED OptiMax Tube features proprietary optical design with a wide and uniform 300° Beam Angle and Shatter-Proof Coating.  Rated for up to 50,000 hours of life, the HyLite LED OptiMax Tube will last up to 5 times longer than Fluorescent tubes.