Drawbridge – Official opening of Jesenice – Kocanda cycle path illuminated by Blue Filtered environmentally friendly LED lights, powered by Foxconn Light Engine.

May 18, 2018

Mr. Vladimir Briza, CEO of Drawbridge s.r.o, the official partner of Foxconn LED Lighting Division, is pleased to announce the installation of their DRB01 Blue filtered LED streetlight on the new cycle path between Jesenice and Kocanda, Prague West

The lamps utilise Foxconn’s LE216 light engine, together with proprietary designed blue light filter cover developed by another Foxconn partner C&W Energy Solutions, and the new lights are believed to be the first environmentally friendly blue filtered LED lights installed in Czech Republic. The project has been widely supported and initiated by the local Mayor Mrs. Radka Vladykova and the official opening of the cycle path was performed by the Mayor accompanied by the Czech Minister of Environment Mr. Richard Brabec.

The lamps are low power, 20W, with less than 2700K colour temperature and this specification together with the special blue light filters make them appear more like traditional “warm yellow” streetlights.

 Mr. Briza explained, that fitted with additional features such as timer controlled dimming, and wi-fi control, the lamps are anticipated to have little negative impact to the environment whilst providing efficient and well defined lighting on this newly created cycle path. To further the power savings, the lamps are gradually dimmed from 23.00~23.30 hours to 20% brightness (only 4W), with motion sensing activating to full brightness as required. The lamps then gradually increase again to full brightness from 05.00~5.30am

The impact of LED lighting on living environment has been investigated by many scientists around the world, and from the results their research shows that it affects living organisms both through the light intensity and colour of light.

 It is well know that light controls the biological clock of all living organisms, such as fauna and flora. Blue light wakes up organisms and whilst is natural for the day, when present at night time it can disrupt natural biorhythms and balance.

 In humans, this can lead to sleep disturbance, potentially adding to the rise of depression and other negative effects.

Through co-operation with Dr. Bob Adams, the leading researcher and filter specialist of C&W Energy Solutions, USA, Drawbridge have bridged international boundaries to develop and become the Czech market leaders in this technologically important subject. 

DRB01 BLUE General specification : BLUE LIGHT filtered, output 20W, dimming, with motion sensor and every unit electronically controlled via wifi.


About Drawbridge:

In June 2016, Drawbridge and Foxconn signed a strategic co-operation agreement for the sales and promotion of Foxconn LED lighting in the Czech and Slovakian regions.



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About Foxconn:

Foxconn is a world-wide manufacturer with over a decade of experience in LED technology. The range includes area/street lighting, wall flood, high bay and niche products like explosion proof and sports arena lighting. [email protected]