March 28, 2017

Venture Lighting Europe has just introduced a brand new range of VLUMA luminaires, designed to deliver significantly higher performance levels using the latest in LED technology. 

As the top LED brand in the Venture Lighting range, VLUMA luminaires maximise energy savings and efficiency to give higher lumen output from lower system power consumption. 

The VLUMA high quality lighting solution from Venture is available across a number of significant luminaires in the company’s range from interior to exterior lighting.


For office ceiling lighting, the VLUMA Edge Lit LED panels come in two versions with a power rating of 30W producing some 3000 lumens. Measuring 595mm², they can be recessed or surface mounted and are available with an emergency lighting pack.

For the warehouse and industrial market, Venture offers the VLUMA Midibay Elite and the VLUMA LED Highbays.  Available in 4 wattages of 109W, 144W, 180W and 254W, the LED Midibays have a colour temperature of 5000K and produce up to 29,000 lumens for an efficient energy saving lighting solution. The Midibays can be specified with narrow distribution or coated diffusers, with high or low level sensors, for mounting on trunking and can be DALI dimmable. Their counterparts, the VLUMA LED Highbays come in 3 wattages of 90W, 150W and 195W.  The luminaires produce up to 23,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 4000/5000K and a beam angle of 120°.  They are rated IP65 and can be specified with either reflectors or refractors.

The VLUMA LED Edge Lit Panels, Midibay and Highbay luminaires all have a long rated life of 50,000 hours.

Completing the VLUMA range are two versions of Venture’s successful Westminster LED street lights.  These LED modules are designed to be retrofitted into almost any existing street lighting luminaire as a highly energy efficient solution.  Achieving L80, B5 rating of 30,000 hours, there are both 3 and 4 way LED versions with a range of lumen outputs up to 12,000 lumens and with efficacies up to 127 lumens per watt.  This retrofit ‘plug and play’ solution can be fitted in the time it takes to clean and change a lamp and has a typical return on investment of under 3 years and comes with a 12 year warranty.

Further information on the new VLUMA luminaires is available from Venture Lighting Europe on 01923-692600, by emailing: [email protected] or by visiting the company’s website at