Lumisolar Outdoor Luminaires built to last from Lumibright

Feb. 6, 2018

Lumisolar Outdoor Luminaires built to last from Lumibright :

 Lumisolar Luminaires are built to last with self-contained solar outdoor LEDs for building safer, more eco-friendly communities.

Lumisolar bollards, street lights, wall lamps and un-ground lights are simple to install, taking only 15 minutes per fixture.


Solar lighting systems connect to a truly "infinite" power source – the sun. The lights turn on when the sun goes down.

The sheer nature of solar power makes it a near perfect solution for any outdoor lighting application from parking lots to street lights. Outdoor lighting is typically required only during the night, which leaves the daytime for obtaining solar energy that can then be converted to electrical power, used for powering light sources overnight when most needed.

* Wire-free lighting.

* Durable maintenance free illumination.

* Considerable savings on time & money.

* Natural light complements projects aesthetics.


They are well suited for illuminating

Pedestrian precinct, pathways, parks, gardens, parking lots and playgrounds.