Lights the street, not your home

May 19, 2017


Lights the street, not your home


Are you suffering from the street lighting near your home? Or have you seen street lights like above in your city? Which is with fine intentions but looks awful.

Seldom people notices back light of street lighting, but for those people who live with it, it's absolutely nightmare. Street lighting in the bedroom affects sleep and lead to insomnia or a weakened immune system.

Then how to control the back light of street lighting? For Arrlux there are mainly two ways.

Firstly, using correct type of optical lenses. Suitable optical lenses direct light exactly where it's needed, not diffuse to anywhere around, thus controlling the light mainly on the street, not on buildings or houses nearby. Arrlux offers more than 20 types of optical lenses for virtually any application, providing exacting illumination performance.

Secondly, using back light shield. Arrlux offers both back light and front light shield options which intercepts the back light of street luminaries or front light of flood lights to reduce glare and enhance visual comfort while using less energy. 

For Arrlux, energy-saving is only one part of a LED lighting solution, an visual comfortable and friendly lighting also matters. We are committed to make street light glare a thing of the past.