Sept. 11, 2018

Change Is Good:

In LED Street Lighting, change is good.  First LED lighting has far surpassed conventional lighting in electrical savings and light output.  Next maintenance crew requirements are reduced to a minimum due to the long life of LED Street lights.    In fact, with lower operating temperatures LED Street Lights are safer.  Never the less, LED Light pollution is minimized with motion sensing or Dali lighting controls to shut off lights.    Finally LED Street Lights can dim to 10% saving even more energy.


To begin with, LED Street Light design exceeds the latest DLC efficiency standards.  Above all, we achieve DLC 4.3 Premium, highest it class.  Next Philips LED chips to have high lumen output, along with a 54,000-hour life. More importantly, LED is 140 Lumen per Watt.  Resulting in increased light output, at a minimal operating cost.

Input Voltage:

Nevertheless LED Street Light comes standard with the universal input voltage.  For example AC 100V – 288V or optional AC 277-528V.  T0 demonstrate our 100-200 Watt can replace HID of 200-1,000 watts.  Best of all, a 10kV (Line-To-Ground) surge protection is standard.


Indeed lighting control architecture gives City Engineers many options for maximum performance in efficiency and light output.   In this case,  illuminate the light when needed, and save electricity in areas with low traffic. Above all, LED Street Light is controllable by many options.   1-10V, DALI dimmable driver, Microwave sensor, Daylight sensor, and ZIGBEE.   Stop spending tax dollars on obsolete technology and upgrade your city streets to the latest LED Street Light technology.

Photometric Diagrams:

As seen in the video, Photometric Diagrams allow custom lighting patterns for parking lots and streets.  Customize the LED light for the parking space or the intersection.  Many lens options are available as shown below,

Photometric Diagrams are available in:

  • 2-S Type
  • 3-S Type
  • 3-M Type 
  • Type 4
  • Or type 5
  • 90×120 


As a matter of fact, street lights are easily maintained with quick turn release.  Obviously LED street lights are designed for long life, but we all know components can fail or be damaged. In any case, a quick release design allows power supplies change in minutes.  Also, the LED Panel and the photometric lens can be changed as demands require different options.

 Mounting Hardware: 

Without a doubt a wide variety of mounting hardware is available.  In fact, mounting hardware will allow LED street light mounting to existing equipment with minor modifications. In this case, hardware will mount to existing round or square posts in minutes.

Many mounting styles are available including:

  • Trunnion Mounting.
  • Wall Arm Mounting.
  • Slip Fit Mounting.
  • Yoke Mounting


Please contact ThinLight Technologies Corporation for more information or a live demo.

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