Sept. 11, 2018

First of all, we pride our LED panel with even light output.  Furthermore, the brightest LED panel in the industry.  To Clarify, with ThinLight patented laser etching technology, we guarantee even light distribution across the backlight.

To demonstrate, our LED panel can be seen around the world.  For example, large retail cell phone chains, by the same token, advertising space for tablets.  Specifically, we are the light engine that makes your graphic shine.  Nevertheless, we can manufacture with custom LED bins allow for precise color, for the experts in the field of lighting.

Because we manufacture in the USA, our standard turn time is 2 weeks.  However, high volume orders are quoted per job basis.  Many extrusion shapes are stocked ready for production.

Even more, being the brightest LED panel in the market, our latest ThinLight UL certified power supply comes standard with dimming.  To illustrate, this allows manufacturers the precise control to change light output during the day, or create motion through the light. 

In other words, at ThinLight we make the how-to, easy.  First, measure the opening for the LED Panel.  Second, we will use the outside dimensions and make a CAD drawing.  Next, we will give you a copy of the CAD drawing for your approval.  Third, the outside dimensions and internal dimensions will be shown.  Then, we will also ask you for power cord location.  The final step will be to pick the color.  Lastly, we have standard black and satin natural for anodizing.

By all means, many color options are available for volume orders.  In fact, we even offer wood tones and custom colors.

Indeed, our light panels are some of the thinnest in the industry.  By the same token, we are always updating our technology so ask our local sales expert for thickness. (952) 230-9989