How to get the Right LED Lighting in Office?

May 1, 2017

Today we would like to talk about the important of office led lighing and how to pick up a good one. as we known, we usually spend most of time at our workplace. A reasonable office led lamp is not only develop our work efficient, but also it can make us easy to enjoy our work time and keep our eye's health.So how to choose the right one? there are some tips below.


A.Unique Heat Sink Design

A heat disspation is an electronic device that incorporates either a fan or a peltier device to keep a hot component such as a processor cool. this is a problem that can not be ignored.Aluminum profile provides excellent thermal disspation we can choose.  


B.Anti-glare Led lighting

Unified Glare Rating(UGR) is designed to indicate how effective a lighting source is at dealing with what we can be a problem in workplace.we should pay more attention to anti-glare lighting. it can make our eyes more relax and easy.


C.High-Efficient Luminous

if led lighting has a higher luminous efficiency, it can save more energy. this is very important indicator for choosing led office lighting. best CRI and high efficient led chip would sure high luminous intensity.Then office led light can be Downlight or Panel Light. they have different indoor effect. you can choose your love.