Panasonic Lighting Americas Reveals New Products and Innovations at LIGHTFAIR® International

April 17, 2017

Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc., parent company of lighting manufacturers Universal Lighting Technologies and Douglas Lighting Controls, will reveal new products and industry innovations during the LIGHTFAIR® International trade show in Philadelphia on May 9-11, 2017. The company will be exhibiting at Booth #1831.

At the conference, Panasonic Lighting Americas will showcase a series of components and fixture level lighting controls using both Bluetooth®and ZigBee® technology. The series includes EVERLINE® ID (Intelligent Device) Series™ drivers, as well as Bluetooth and ZigBee antennas, fixture mount sensors, power packs, ceiling mount sensors, switch relays, a Bluetooth Dialog® Gateway and a Bluetooth enabled iOS device app.

“Panasonic Lighting Americas continues to lead the lighting industry with an advanced line of LED drivers and modules that represent the best in quality and innovation in today’s marketplace,” said Mark Verheyen, President and CEO of Universal Lighting Technologies. “The LIGHTFAIR Conference is the ideal forum for our company to connect with other industry leaders and share the deep industry knowledge and expertise for which Panasonic is known.”

EVERLINE® ID Series™ drivers

The heart of the systems is the EVERLINE ID Series of cost-effective LED drivers. ID Series drivers can be programmed to operate in many modes, including four different dim curve responses, dim-to-off capability (which monitors power to an industry-leading greater than 1.5 percent accuracy), on time, and max temp monitoring among other features. ID Series drivers also feature 12V or 24V auxiliary power outputs. The dimming leads can be configured to a traditional 0-10V control or an ID Digital mode interfacing them with the ID Series Compatible™ Smart Bluetooth sensors. These driver features give the customer a complete light engine with wireless connectivity and multiple module options.

Bluetooth antennas

ID Series compatible Bluetooth antennas (BT-LRK-A) are now available to be paired with the ID Series drivers. The antennas can either be clipped to the LED Retrofit Kit (LRK) or connected to the fixture body via magnets, with no gasket or knock-out needed. When used with any of the four Bluetooth switches, end users have full wireless control of their fixtures. Many fixtures can be grouped together through the Bluetooth mesh network. For situations where photo and occupancy sensing are needed, the ID Series compatible Bluetooth ceiling sensor (BT-WOR-A) is paired with the ID Series driver, giving the customer occupancy and photo control over the space. All components are compatible with the wall switches and Bluetooth antennas.

Bluetooth switches

Four different switches provide wall station control over lighting in rooms and defined spaces. The product is available in 4-button or 8-button with 0-10V dimmer and 1-button formats in 120/277VAC and 347VAC models. Each switch is a Bluetooth-enabled device designed to communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth fixture mounting sensors

For situations where no ID Series driver exists, Panasonic has developed two self-contained fixture mounted sensors (models BT-PG001 and BT-FMS-A). The BT-PG001 is designed to be integral to the fixture for parking garage applications, while the BT-FMS-A is ideal for mid- and high-bay applications. Both units provide surface deck level configuration and adjustable occupant level control using Bluetooth connectivity and communicate with 0-10V LED drivers through the standard interface, without a need for power packs or specific drivers. The included adapter also integrates into common vapor tight or drop-down fixtures through a half inch knock-out, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

Bluetooth fixture controllers (BT-PP20)

Housed inside the standard controls power pack, the BT-PP20 powers the fixture mount sensor and communicates to the Bluetooth mesh network through the standard 0-10V dimming protocol. The product allows adjustability via an on/off control, dimming function, and a demand response feature that lowers energy use by up 15 percent, converting fixtures into wirelessly controlled luminaires. Based on the wiring configuration (one-to-one or one-to-many), BT-PP20 can be easily installed as an individual or multi-fixture control. Commissioning can be done conveniently at deck level using the app.

Douglas Lighting Controls Bluetooth Dialog Gateway

The Dialog Gateway control system interfaces with Bluetooth meshed products, giving complete scalability from a simple room system to a full, campus-wide system.

Commissioning and control app

Use the Bluetooth enabled iOS device to set up the mesh and administration, commission light levels, zones, pre-sets and time outs. This same app is used for commissioning and operation.  Users can control their individual zones, giving them the ability to configure light precisely to their needs.


About Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc.

Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc., a subsidiary of the Panasonic Group, operates Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. and Douglas Lighting Controls, two market leaders in the industry. Universal Lighting Technologies, based in Nashville, Tennessee, engineers LED solutions for commercial lighting applications as well as LED, linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, HID, and eHID components. Douglas Lighting Controls, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, develops innovative controls systems and works to engineer energy-efficient, easy-to-install digital lighting-control solutions for commercial buildings, campuses and sports complexes throughout North America. Together, Douglas and Universal, provide customers with the most advanced lighting controls and LED components available today. To learn more visit or

About LIGHTFAIR® International

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