Ultravision International Installs Largest Standard LED Digital Billboard At World-Renowned Châtelet-Les-Halles Commuter Rail Station

June 13, 2017

DALLAS (May 31, 2017) — Ultravision International, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of LED displays and lighting solutions, today announced the completed installation of the largest LED outdoor display at the famed Châtelet-Les-Halles commuter rail station. Installed collaboratively with advertising agency Médiatransports, the billboard will be visible to 37 million visitors who pass through the station each year with more than 750,000 daily visitors.

 The billboard, which went live on May 1, features high resolution digital displays that can show recorded or live images, using the latest LED display technology. The new installation delivers optimized color performance and high-resolution on its 10’ x 18’ display (800 x 1440 pixels). The first advertising campaign begins on June 5.

 “This is an exciting project to bring vibrant, energy efficient LED displays to the Châtelet-Les-Halles, the largest underground rail station in the world,” said William Hall, chief executive officer and co-founder of Ultravision International. “The high-resolution digital displays will deliver a more powerful impression allowing viewers to get the best cinematic performance possible, and we're proud to be working with Médiatransports to make it happen.”

 Valerie Decamp, CEO at Médiatransports, added, “We were very happy to work with Ultravision. Their skills, professionalism and reactivity were great assets to achieve this complex project in collaboration with RATP. Their innovative, custom LED displays will attract the eyes of thousands of commuters passing through Châtelet-Les-Halles commuter rail station and will allow us to provide to the ad market an unique and very efficient display in the heart of Paris.”

Ultravision provided Médiatransports with a dedicated project management team that oversaw all facets of the project from securing crews for installations to helping secure rebates. The display is conveniently situated inside the Marguerite de Navarre metro entrance, where the Forum des Halles shopping center and the Châtelet metro station converge.


About Ultravision International

Founded in 2010, Ultravision International is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of energy-efficient LED displays and LED lights. We are proud to empower our clients through innovative and cost-effective custom LED displays and lighting solutions so they can engage audiences around the world. To learn more, please visit www.ultravisioninternational.com.

About Médiatransports

MEDIATRANSPORTS is the leading French advertising agency in transport. MEDIATRANSPORTS is a key player in advertising in the metro, bus, tram and railway stations. It is a partner of the three largest French transport operators RATP, SNCF and SNCF RÉSEAU as well as more than fifty local transport authorities in France, and operates almost all the devices advertising in public transport in the Paris region.


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