Three keys that can help you smoothly implement LED SKD model locally

June 4, 2018

In recent years, there is a rising demand for SKD solutions of LED products on the foreign trade market, caused by the increase in tariffs on LED products and new policies introduced to boost local employment rate in many countries. Especially in the Southeast Asian, South American and African markets, importers battle with the rising cost from high tariffs imposed on LED products; therefore many turn to SKD models to try remain competitive. 

China is well-known as the world's center of LED design and manufacturing, with complete and mature LED lighting value chain in place for many years. As the LED Bulb Expert and the top LED bulb manufacturer in China, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) has rich experience in handling SKD projects. The company has successfully helped customers from Egypt, India and South America to set up SKD assembly lines. Today, we will tell you the secret behind their success stories. 

WELLMAX’s standardized production line


Reliable SKD solution
WELLMAX has over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. With rich know-hows and strong R&D capability, WELLMAX has developed a tested-and-proven procedure of supply chain management toolkit, which allows the company to provide reliable SKD solutions for its global clients. 

Expert project team
WELLMAX has a special project team that focuses on providing SKD advices. The team not only conducts market analysis and production capacity forecast in early stage, but also provides equipment adjustment, production process improvement, QC trainings, and other technical support. This team ensures that each project can complete smoothly for every valued client.
R&D capability
WELLMAX’s lab closely works with SAMSUNG and the National Institute of LED on Silicon Substrate on LED R&D, and passed varies requirements on facility, expertise and management by DEKRA and SGS. In the process of offering SKD solutions, WELLMAX also imparts clients with latest LED technology know-hows from China.

WELLMAX's ISO certified LED factory


In the past decades, the lighting industry has experienced changes from incandescent bulbs to fluorescents to LEDs. In this process, WELLMAX has been leading the industry trend by devoting to innovation of products and improvement of solutions. It becomes the LED Bulb Expert not only because of the right decision on the business strategy, but also because of the mission to always bearing its partners’benefits in mind. WELLMAX introduces its LED SKD model services with the aim to help its global clients stay competitive and grow fast in their local market.