Harvard Technology to sponsor Emergency Lighting Conference 2017

June 22, 2017

Harvard Technology, pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of smart lighting solutions, will sponsor the Emergency Lighting Conference 2017, which runs on 28th June at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London.

The special one day conference, which brings together the top experts in the field of emergency lighting, will focus on issues such as the common pitfalls with compliance and changes to emergency lighting regulations through a series of keynote speeches, interactive sessions, live interviews and networking.

At the conference, Colin Shockledge, specification manager at Harvard Technology, will deliver an exclusive keynote speech on the challenges and opportunities of wireless lighting control systems for emergency lighting.

Colin Shockledge’s speech will focus on the major talking points surrounding wireless control and communication in emergency lighting applications, including advantages over hard-wired systems in heritage buildings and potential security concerns and implications.

Harvard Technology will also showcase its latest range of innovative Internet of Things (IoT) enabled emergency lighting solutions, including the innovative EyeNut Combined Emergency driver at the event.

The EyeNut Combined Emergency driver allows users to retrofit automated emergency luminaire testing into large, multi-site estates for the first time – with results accessible from anywhere in the world via the cloud-based EyeNut system.

Harvard Technology’s EyeNut Combined Emergency driver incorporates a revolutionary automatic test feature, eliminating the requirement for monthly site visits by automating monthly and yearly tests required by test standard. All the results of the automatically scheduled functional and duration testing are exported for audit tracking through the EyeNut wireless lighting management system Graphic User Interface (GUI).

Also on display will be the EyeNut enabled Fern Howard Trojan Galaxy bulkhead, which has already been installed at the Peabody social housing estate. The smart bulkhead provides a high-quality, wireless-enabled LED bulkhead ideal for internal and external emergency lighting applications, incorporating a number of innovative wireless light management features including 3-hour emergency, EyeNut auto test/reporting and EyeNut wireless dimming.

Russell Fletcher, sales and marketing director at Harvard Technology, commented: “At Harvard Technology we have been providing innovative emergency lighting solutions for many years and have proven experience in the sector. We are really excited to be showcasing our smartest emergency lighting solutions yet at the Emergency Lighting Conference 2017 and can’t wait to tell visitors more about the possibilities of wirelessly-enabled technology in emergency lighting.”