Harvard Technology brings light to award-winning San Diego Ice Arena

July 11, 2017

Harvard Technology, pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of smart lighting solutions, has helped San Diego Ice Arena save over $7,800, which contributed to the venue winning a 2017 San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Energy Showcase award.

EyeNut, Harvard Technology’s innovative cloud-based, IoT-enabled, wireless control system for indoor and outdoor lighting, was installed as part of a wider energy-efficiency scheme that comprised over 11 measures across the arena.

The Ice Arena, which rolled out EyeNut alongside a switch to 200W LED fixtures, has achieved energy savings of over 55,000 kWh since installation in September 2016. Savings to date are equivalent to a cost saving of $7,813 – close to $1,000 per month – and continue to grow on a daily basis.

Using EyeNut, lighting can be remotely dimmed and increased to a higher level when games are scheduled, creating a more vibrant atmosphere and far greater illumination. As a result of the reduction in light output, the fixtures are now running at approximately 90W and not the full 200W – leading to significant energy savings.

Mark Linssen, joint-owner of San Diego Ice Arena, said: “As part of our continuous efforts to reach zero net energy at San Diego Ice Arena, we have put together a plan which implements over 11 energy-efficiency measures. When we took over the arena, we were at about 3,700 kWh/day, but thanks to the new measures we are now at 750 kWh/day and foresee a day that we may get to our zero-net energy goal.

“The migration to LED, and the implementation of the EyeNut wireless lighting control system, has been integral to our drive for lower energy usage. Not only that, but the improved lighting also benefits the environment, our skaters and our Ice Arena.”

Antony Corrie, president of worldwide sales at Harvard Technology, added, “We are really delighted with the savings achieved so far at San Diego Ice Arena. The San Diego Ice Arena installation is a perfect demonstration of how smart connected lighting controls can be seamlessly integrated with energy-efficiency measures already in place, to maximize energy savings.”

Such has been the success of the EyeNut system, as part of the wider energy-efficiency strategy, that the venue won the prestigious 2017 SDG&E Energy Showcase Award, in the Sports Venue category. SDG&E also gave San Diego a sizeable rebate for the energy saving project.