Cooledge Lighting Enables New Generation of Fixture-free Luminous Exteriors

May 10, 2017


Cooledge Lighting Inc. will alter the course of decades-old façade lighting with the launch of TILE Exterior, an LED system that frees light from the constraints of fixtures to illuminate any architectural geometry, scale with ease, and give designers entirely new ways to accentuate buildings without “spill light” within evening cityscapes. Designed as a complete system, TILE Exterior uniquely combines all of the critical elements required for large-scale luminous exteriors – from rigorously-tested water resistance to modularity for configuration around virtually any building structure.

“Exterior lighting has long been limited to standard wash, flood or grazing applications. Even with the potential that LEDs brought to the industry, there hasn’t been a simple, effective way to make illumination integral to architecture.  With TILE Exterior, we are creating the opportunity to build with luminous surfaces rather than simply accessorize with fixtures,” said William J. Sims, interim CEO of Cooledge. “In direct response to market demand, we now have a full range of offerings to make luminous architecture easy to conceive and bring to life, both indoors and out.”

Debuting this week at Lightfair International, TILE Exterior is a robust, IP65-rated version of the company’s award-winning TILE system. The ultra-thin, flexible form easily scales to cover large surface areas, while a set of smaller-sized, pre-sealed Fit pieces allows configuration around angles, corners and building obstacles such as standoffs, pipes and cable penetrations. This means that unlike exterior products that must be cut to accommodate obstacles, TILE Exterior has no such requirement and therefore maintains the integrity of the original water-resistant seal.

When paired with wide-ranging diffusion materials, such as glass, acrylic and translucent stone, TILE Exterior creates luminous surfaces for façades, canopies, entrances (including arches and columns) and large-scale printed graphics. As a result, traditional and often obtrusive exterior fixtures can be eliminated in favor of clean building fronts that are uniformly illuminated from within.

Additional product advantages include the following:

  • A complete systems approach to design and testing to ensure wet location integrity of every component
  • Simple modular installation thanks to a proprietary, water-resistant snap connector 
  • Ability to mount with very narrow setbacks from diffusion material (as little as 2” with common translucent cladding materials)
  • High quality light with protective optics specially designed to maintain uniform color temperature over the product’s lifetime

TILE Exterior is now available for specification and will begin shipping in Q3 of this year. Product images are available upon request.

Cooledge will exhibit its full range of luminous surface products at Lightfair International in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 9th through 11th.


About Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge is the global leader in luminous surface offerings. The company offers a portfolio of proprietary lighting technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into all forms and scale of the built environment enabling large architectural surfaces instead of light points for illumination. The company’s luminous surface capabilities are deployed in retail, office, hospitality, and themed venues for both new and retrofit building applications. Cooledge is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and supported by a network of sales agencies and partners throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @CooledgeLtg.