Decoding: Key Points of Lighting Design in Each Area of Clothing Store

July 20, 2017

What the modern shopping malls sell is not commodity, but sell experience and sell atmosphere. It can be said that the good experience brought by the clothing store to customers largely comes from the customers’ environment.

Countless studies show that the shopping atmosphere is made of different factors. Such as airflow, lighting, and indoor temperature, etc. Of which, the most important one is lighting.

So what business owners are increasingly urgent to know is how to build a better shopping environment by lighting.

Today we will not discuss theoretical knowledge, but directly analyze each area of clothing shop and list solutions to make all know why and how to do.

The entrance is served as the first impression of the whole store. Almost all of store owners hope that the customers passing by the store may come into it to have a look.

The key is how to do it.

Except that everyone comes here for brand-name products due to your excellent brand, actually you can make full use of small skills to draw customers’ eyes.

Under the same space, the scalability given by the lighting can visually expend the store’s area. (Genuine photograph of UNIQLO Store)

Install some lamps on the lintel or outside of store to lighten the entrance and improve the illumination ratio of store and the outside world, in order to build a scene with relatively high brightness. People will unconsciously walk into your store due to the phototaxis, which will make you win at the starting line. (Foreign case)



Retail is an on-the-spot persuasive business, and the showcase is the face of retail. If there is no attracting face, on what basis will you attract people to do the business?  So the lighting of showcases is especially important.

The functions of showcases are not only displaying brand style, characteristics of seasonal apparel and clothing theme, but also displaying commodity by creating settings, assisting display and shaping the theme background of story by erecting a theme with rich story elements.

Here I will popularize for all that actually the showcase is divided into high showcase and low showcase. And different lighting methods are for different showcases. It only produces a good effect with right methods.

  1. High Showcase

ERDOS in Chongwenmen New World Shopping Mall (ERDOS)

High showcase, as the name implies, is the high-space placement of store set up according to store display. The specific data partitioning is 4 meters. The showcase with over 4 meters height is high showcase, and below is low showcase. And the lighting ways for these two different showcases are also different.



The first is that facade shall be lighted carefully to avoid the dark feeling of background. Secondly it is not enough to lighten the facade, the display method of models and commodities also shall be noted. We cannot only lighten the space but darken the commodity. So the side lighting is necessary to cover the shortage of overhead lighting for the location of models and commodities.


Don’t understand? Show you a specific application drawing:

Schematic diagram of practices for high showcase

Make use of the side lighting method and overhead lighting method together to solve the shortage of two lighting methods (ERDOS)


  1. Low Showcase

Showcase example

Different from high showcase, the manifestation of low showcase mainly lies in:


  1. Using lamps with different angles
  2. Lamps with different styles
  3. Creating its beautiful effect


The specific operation is as following:

The left picture is with unified angles, and the right one is matched by wide and narrow angles. It not only may highlight the different characteristics of commodity, but also reflect layering by lamps with different angels.

Let’s look at our concept renderings. The same showcase may show different sense of space by using different lamps and lamps with different angels. It can display the characteristics of the item on display and improve its grade by right use of lighting.

ERDOS in Chongwenmen New World Shopping Mall (ERDOS)

Create outstanding and beautiful effect for the showcase and the item on display from up to down by different lighting effects.

The application of the track light is not only convenient, but also to adjust the location of accent lighting for displayed commodity according to the theme of showcase and change of season.


Exhibition Area

The lighting can not only highlight the brand characteristics, but also manifest the best visual effect of display, show quality of commodity, improve interactive experience and achieve sales.

The exhibition area of the clothing store is divided into upright hanging and side hanging. Of which, commodities in the upright hanging area almost are key commodities for sale and made use of the manifestation of accent lighting in the lighting. But the side hanging is always used in the choosing area. With uniform lighting and clear priorities, it guided the consumption orientation of customers. (Columbia in Beijing Xidan Joy City Shopping Mall | case of Yuesen Lighting)

 (Columbia in Beijing Xidan Joy City Shopping Mall)

As the focus of the shopping malls, the commodity must be lightened. But we shall also have an eye on the people trends for the arrangement of luminaries. Don’t let your lamps harm the eyes of customers. (NIKE in Beijing ECMALL | case of Yuesen Lighting)


Another point shall be clear is that in addition to the island counter; the display wall in the store is also an important exhibition part inside the store.

All lighting design shall highlight the content of displaying part under the condition of coordinating and unifying of the whole store.

Under the condition with uniform lighting of the whole store, highlight the commodity on the displaying wall or texture by accent lighting. (Columbia Shanghai IAPM)


Fitting Room

After customers finish choosing in the clothing store, they usually will put on the clothes in the fitting room to experience real effects. Because “trying on before buying” is the essential step of buying clothes for the picky young people. If the fitting room is well-designed, it will bring customers the feeling of comfort. If customers feel beautiful after trying, it is more likely to sell the closes smoothly for the merchants.

Look at this; I would like to ask the magic mirror: am “I” the most beautiful girl.

All mirror front lighting of fitting room shall live up to make customers appreciate the face and clothing and observe the whole look leisurely, and make the people who are looking at the mirror feel comfortable by providing ruddy and natural complexional lighting.

Design keys of mirror front lighting: adequate vertical illumination and weaker shadow to provide panoramic views of the “devil figure” for customers.


The lighting design secrets for the clothing store are decoded temporarily here today. If you want to know more case analysis related to lighting, please listen to the next chapter.


Because professional, more professional to service you.