The new Astera AX5. 3 lamps in One.

Feb. 19, 2018

Prolight+Sound 2017

Frankfurt hosted this week Europe’s most important fair for event technology, an opportunity for event professionals from cross-specialties to meet up, share experience, present and discover the latest trends and technologies…

It is during this event that Astera unveiled its latest development , an add-on to its X-series lamps and as announced, the first of a new line of multifunction wireless events lights meant to change (once again) the Event Lighting industry in its integrality.


The next level of Wireless Lights

Astera has been the uncontested pioneer in the wireless event lighting industry ever since it launched its first battery-powered/remote-controlled lights about 10 years ago. But with a clear gap in the technology advancement, most of its range places itself at the top of their respective categories. Its most popular lamps were indeed the AX10 SpotMax and the AX3 LightDrop, with the arrival of one other unique product, the AX1 PixelTube. Whilst each lamp presents common features that only Astera offers in the industry such as 20 hours of runtime, IP65 casing, app control, and compatibility to both CRMX and W-DMX protocols, they all have their specific usages and application.

This year, the company announced a big step in the Wireless Industry as it announced a highly anticipated medium size fixture with features that would outstate not only most of Astera`s range, but also, all lamps in its category.


3-lamps-in-one - The Perfect PAR

The name already tells a lot about the product itself but Astera also took the concept to a whole new level, with new patented technology and features never seen before in the Event Industry.

A Wireless PAR: The domain where Astera made its point over and over again and where the company is considered one of the best manufacturers so far.

A powerful Wired PAR, with the latest ultra-bright RGBAW chips on board and a new concept of colour-mixing lens from Gaggione lenses, the AX5`s light output astonishes and is announced to “almost” match that of its bigger brother, the AX7. But the main point of that feature is that it now allows a permanent installation which opens a whole lot more application possibilities.

A Standalone uplight: this is by far the killing feature and one that makes the AX5 so unique. The foldable bracket just slides out which transforms the AX5 into a totally different lights, with special swap-in covers, changing the whole light`s design and enabling a new pack of applications.

For rental parks and professionals, the new lamp is simply the dream, a genius touch since it promises a super-fast return on investment thanks to all the application possible in just one lamp.


A Game changer

The reviews are unanimous and from the few people we`ve been able to ask, the “Perfect PAR” stands up to its name; and is simply AMAZING.

A few hours only after the unveiling,  the brand reported that the feedback is in one word: phenomenal: several huge production companies already announced that they would make big investments with the AX5 before the summer. In other words, the AX5 would hit the shelves faster than expected.

In the meantime, Astera will be present at the coming and PLASA FOCUS LEEDS and if no change in plan, should be showing off its new product, so it would be another opportunity to have a closer look at the newest AX5. More information on