Astera and Stardream will present the Perfect PAR (AX5) at the PLASA FOCUS 2017

Feb. 19, 2018

Pioneer of (Wireless) Event Lighting

For over 10 years, Astera has been developing high-end and compact Event Lighting units with embedded batteries paired with a complex, and yet easily operated control system supported by LumenRadio’s CRMX wireless protocol. CRMX is one of, if not the most reliable and advanced protocol for wireless communication so far: it is fully compatible with W-DMX and can be used with standard DMX through the Astera ART7 communication box.

With this advanced protocol paired with Astera system and hardware, the X-series are able to provide amazing features […].

Just to name a few:

-          1-minute set-up;

-          20 Hours seamless runtime;

-          Talkback+ capabilities;

-          Weatherproof and 100% wireless operation;

-          Etc.

Already ahead of its generation, Astera has just released in the beginning of April 2017 its newest product that simply confirmed its leading edge.

Did you say “Perfect”?

The AX5 concept came from the feedback Astera collected for years from lighting professionals and collaborators; from big production companies to freelance DJs, event managers and lighting designers: ONE lamp that would fix daily struggles and improve overall performance, durability and reliability while promising a fast and consistent income source.

3-lamps-in-one - The Perfect PAR

The name already tells a lot about the product itself but Astera also took the concept to a whole new level, with new patented technology and features never seen before in the Event Industry.

A Wireless PAR: The domain where Astera made its point over and over again and where the company is considered one of the best manufacturers so far.

A powerful Wired PAR, with the latest ultra-bright RGBAW chips on board and a new concept of colour-mixing lens from Gaggione lenses, the AX5`s light output astonishes and is announced to “almost” match that of its bigger brother, the AX7. But the main point of that feature is that it now allows a permanent installation which opens a whole lot more application possibilities.

A Standalone uplight: this is by far the killing feature and one that makes the AX5 so unique. The foldable bracket just slides out which transforms the AX5 into a totally different lights, with special swap-in covers, changing the whole light`s design and enabling a new pack of applications.


“The lamp we`ve been waiting for” Quote.

The product launch has been a phenomenal success and positive feedbacks are simply off the charts. Hundreds of professionals had the opportunity to have a first look at the new product at the Prolight+Sound event in Frankfurt and were amazed by the new comer.

Astera announced it sold out its first 4-digits quantity AFTER ONLY A FEW HOURS AT THE FAIR!



The next meeting has been confirmed and after the Event17 in Holland, Astera will be displaying the AX5 at the Plasa Focus Leeds along with its UK distributor StarDream 9-10 May 2017.

One more opportunity to find out what the Perfect PAR is capable of and the hype around the new Astera in Europe before it takes its first steps in the Americas.

One thing is for sure, we`ll hear a lot about that new prodigy. More information is available at