Honglitronic launched anti-vulcanizing AT series LED with long life span

Sept. 6, 2017

Honglitronic announced the introduction of anti-vulcanizing AT series LED. Using the advanced unique PPL technology, it completely solves the LED component’s problem of blackening which is caused by vulcanization, oxidation, bromination, and makes LEDs possess higher reliability and long lifetime.


Honglitronic has been working hard to improve the anti-vulcanization performance of LED devices and achieve mass production rapidly. Recently, the series of products AT35 (the upgrade of PCT2835) successfully achieved mass production, which is the first in China.


AT35——PCT frame + PPL technology

AT35 is the first product to achieve mass production in this series, and it is also the most requested product in the market (PCT2835, mainly for indoor lighting). From the R & D to the realization of mass production process, the R & D team deeply analyzes the root cause of LED brightness decay. According to the principle of anti-vulcanization to verify the best LED anti-vulcanization solutions to eliminate the core problems of the LED.


The implementation of the technology of anti-vulcanizing , mainly adopts unique PPL technology, deposits a layer of inorganic substances on the silver coating surface, the density of the inorganic is excellent, effectively prevents the silver coating from reaction with substances such as sulfur, oxygen, bromine; And it has the stable and enduring chemical properties. It has a very outstanding performance in corrosion resistance and high temperature, and thoroughly solves the blackening problem caused by vulcanizing, oxidation and bromination.


At present, the PPL technology has successfully applied for three patents of invention.


AT30/AT50/AT70——EMC frame + PPL Technology

The anti-vulcanizing PPL technology also perfectly applied in EMC products (AT30 / AT50 / AT70 respectively is the upgrading version of EMC3030/5050/7070). With a strong combination of excellence, it will surely stand out among LED packaging industry.


EMC frame + PPL technology will make LEDs have longer life span characteristic. In most applications, the LEDs with this packaging process can achieve more than 50,000 hours of life (L70), which can be outstanding in more stringent applications. The relevant technical leaders showed great confidence in the EMC anti-vulcanization products introduced by the company.


For example, for customers in outdoor lighting applications (such as streetlight, floodlights, landscape lighting, etc.), especially the EMC5050 products, which can achieve luminous efficacy 220lm/W at 1W; In addition to the advantages of high temperature resistance, anti-yellowing and excellent anti-uv performance, the EMC LED components with PPL technology can achieve higher reliability and longer lifetime. With the development of LED anti-vulcanization technology, the EMC5050/7070 products of Honglitronic will gain a rapid growth in outdoor applications.


AT series family of products

Honglitronic 's AT series of LED products, covering the whole series of SMD LED products from PPA + PPL, PCT + PPL, EMC + PPL, etc. The customer can choose the matching anti-vulcanization product solution according to the application requirements. At present, the company can produce AT30 / AT50 / AT70 in large quantities in addition to mass production of AT35.


Whether it is indoor lighting, or outdoor lighting, and even the automotive lighting field with higher requirements, Honglitronic 's anti-vulcanization AT series LED products can bring you higher product performance and provide more possibilities for different lighting applications.


In the future, Honglitronic will continue to enhance the technical and cost performance advantages of this series of products, expand the anti-vulcanization series of LED products, and provide the best LED light source selection and anti-vulcanization solution for different application needs of the industry.


Now, Honglitronic is receiving the sample application for the AT series LED products. Relying on the LED production base of Nanchang, we can provide standard lead time. Interested customers can contact the company's direct sales offices to obtain samples for trial.