IOTA Introduces the First Power-Over-Ethernet Emergency LED Driver

Jan. 24, 2018

IOTA introduces the next frontier of emergency lighting solutions with the IOTA PoE-CP12 - the industry's first integral emergency driver for Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) applications!

The PoE-CP12 combines IOTA's patented true Constant Power performance with innovative Power-over-Ethernet input to operate today's smart LED lighting fixtures with non-diminishing emergency power. In the event of a loss of normal PoE input power, the IOTA PoE-CP12 will operate the PoE fixture from the battery supply to provide code-compliant egress lighting.

The IOTA PoE-CP12 confidently charges and maintains the emergency battery from the PoE switch with no interference of your smart lighting data and is available with either RJ-45 cables or hardwire terminals for connection to the normal PoE driver and array.