March 12, 2019

Lighting Analysts, Inc., a global leader in illumination engineering software, is pleased to announce the release of our latest web-based software, Luxiflux–Zonal, the anticipated new responsive design, interior lighting estimator tool for product manufacturer’s websites. This software utilizes server-side, AWS-hosted architecture opening the door for additional new webbased software development. The ground-up responsive design provides an excellent user experience for mobile users (iOS and Android) as well as traditional desktop.

Luxiflux-Zonal is a zonal cavity calculation tool that allows browsing customers to quickly estimate the illuminance level, number of luminaires, power density, and a lighting layout for a simple rectangular space. “Typically, first time visitors go through the input sections left to right. Once familiar with the software’s operation the user can skip around and obtain results in seconds!”, says David Speer, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development. “The software computes instantly when it has enough input.” A customizable one-page output can be printed from the web browser or emailed.

Luxiflux-Zonal uses XML based input and output which gives webmasters flexibility in programming appearance and function. It is very easy to customize the screen appearance with a company logo and brand colors which allows the tool to integrate seamlessly manufacturer websites.  

For more information visit: Luxiflux–Zonal on the web.  

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