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Lighting Analysts

The latest release of ElumTools 2019.6 (2018.11, and 2017.14) allows Material Map lists to be filtered, based on which elements are selected in the Revit project. This will allow for quick identification of element Materials without the need to dig through Revit’s many Parameters. “The fastest way to determine which Materials will be in-play is to determine all the Materials present in a given Room, Space, Area, or Region, before invoking a Lighting Calculation, especially when working with a linked model” says, David Speer, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development.

Keeping in sync with recent Autodesk® Revit® releases, the latest generation of ElumTools allows many of the commands to be used in Schedule Views (not available in Autodesk® Revit® 2017). As another nice enhancement, users can now assign custom names to Filled Regions using a new Shared Parameter. The assigned name also appears in the “Rendering Manager” to allow unique identification of Region-Based calculations, at a glance!  

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Founded in 1984, Lighting Analysts, Inc.( www.lightinganalysts.com ) is a world leader in lighting design software. Lighting Analysts, Inc. software systems are used by lighting industry professionals worldwide to aid in the conceptualization and design of lighting systems of almost any nature. Its AGi32 and ElumTools programs have won numerous industry accolades and awards.

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