Energetic Lighting latest stocking items

April 14, 2017

Energetic Lighting’s LED vapor tight fixtures emulate the look and feel of traditional linear fluorescent vapor tight fixtures, common to parking lot garages and commercial spaces that are regularly exposed to water and humidity. Installing these will not only save on energy costs, but eliminate maintenance costs since there is no need to change out any more burnt out fluorescent tubes.

Energetic Lighting’s LED retrofit recessed troffer kit simplifies the conversion from existing fluorescent 2x4 recessed troffer fixtures to energy efficient LED fixtures using the existing back housing of the existing fixture. Access above the drop ceiling plenum is not necessary with this kit, which allows from a cleaner and quicker installation job, as dust and insulation above the ceiling fixture will not be disturbed during the retrofit process. Integrated LED driver does not require fluorescent ballast. High-efficient LEDs rated for 50,000 hour L70 lifetime combined with a rugged steel housing construction ensures maintenance-free, reliable light for many years.

Energetic Lighting’s LED flushmount wrap light delivers a soft light profile with 4,000 lumens to brighten up any application, while drawing only 40 watts of power. This versatile light can be used for general room lighting, or as a functional work area light. Installation is quick and simple when mounting into standard ceiling junction boxes. Constructed with a durable steel housing body and LED lifetime rating of at least 50,000 hours, this rugged wrap light is designed for many years of reliable operation.