Sheenly Jade Ceiling Light provides excellent spatial lighting

Nov. 24, 2015

Sheenly’s new design Jade is a revolutionary ceiling lighting product, the first of its kind in the lighting industry, developed for spatial lighting. Spatial lighting directs light both upward and downward, thus combining both direct and indirect lighting in one luminaire. Common ceiling light provides direct downward light distribution with discomfort light glares, at the same time, ceilings and upper walls are too dim. This shows that Jade ceiling light is superior to common ceiling light.

Favorable attributes of Jade ceiling light,

• Clear facial and feature modeling

• An extra “punch” of light on the work plane

• Increased perception of brightness

• Light is applied to many angles

• Soft illumination

• Increased perception of comfort within the space

• Light is applied to ceilings (and, often, to upper walls)

Spatial lighting is favored by many office spaces and is required in classrooms, because of the requirement for visual comfort, appropriate light levels, and energy management compatibility. Sheenly Jade is recommended for direct/indirect lighting because it lights ceilings, walls and surfaces in much the same way natural light does. This reduces or eliminates perceived lighting disruptions when electric light is dimmed or switched off to conserve energy when sufficient daylight is present.

A survey of 100 different occupation staffs indicates that 80 percent prefer to work under spatial lighting and that there is a direct correlation between worker productivity and good lighting.

Jade ceiling light is a perfect luminaire for open space area in various applications. This ceiling light can be widely used in restaurants, offices, residential, theatres, museums, and schools etc. Moreover, it can be easy installed in the ceiling and on the wall.

About Sheenly Lighting

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