Emergence Technologies Announces Revolutionary Safety Solution for AC-Direct Single-Ended LED Replacement Lamps

June 19, 2018

Baltimore, MD, June 20, 2018 - Emergence Technologies, LLC, announced today its latest technological offering in linear AC-Direct (Type-B) Replacement Lamps in response to the growing dangers concerning possible fire, shock hazards and major recalls with ‘single-ended’ versions.

Emergence’s Type-B Double-Ended LED replacement lamps have been designed to now include the industry’s first patented ‘smart switch’ which virtually eliminates shock and safety hazards long associated with single-ended versions.  An ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) microchip is embedded within our proprietary power adapter that constantly monitors the lamps connection status.  When the bi-pins are connected properly the switching remains locked.  Otherwise, the ASIC will continue querying the connection status and deny branch power to the bi-pins to prevent any inadvertent shock hazards.

Emergence’s Type-B Double-Ended LED replacement lamps have no traditional AC/DC internal driver which further minimizes electrical components prone to failure and are constructed with fire-proof materials.  Its proprietary adapter design incorporates environmentally friendly passive modules that reduce internal heat generation which enhances lamp reliability, improves efficacy, color stability and extends life expectancy.  In a four-foot version (1800 lumens) it consumes 62% less energy than a traditional fluorescent light bulb, producing a 220° beam that spreads uniformly without glare and is available in any color spectrum required by the end-user.

Founded by Mr. Howard Weinberg, known as a strategic thinker specializing in unconventional approaches to the adaptation of “emerging” technology solutions since 1989, Emergence designs and engineers its own collection of high quality LED technologies with over 1,000,000 TLED lamps in service – with near zero failures.

“Direct Replacement LED lamps for traditional linear fluorescent bulbs represents a rare convergence of technology and market need” stated Mr. Weinberg.  “Emergence continues to exceed rational expectations everyday with  technological innovations for the LED marketplace.