Sept. 26, 2018


In response to the demand for innovative solutions for customers in growing RTV market segments, Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. (SESA: A U.S. subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) recently announced the expansion of their RTV Sales Team with the appointment of Brian Woodhouse, Regional Sales Manager-RTV Group Southeast Region. This addition will allow SESA to penetrate deeper into traditional silicone RTV industries in the growing SE Region with the goal of educating customers on the benefits of SESA’s advanced technology and cultivating the application of RTV and TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) silicones across numerous industries. 


Brian Woodhouse: Regional Sales Manager-RTV Group-SE Region


With a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from the Wayne State University (Detroit, MI), coupled with over twenty years of technical chemical sales acumen, Woodhouse has built a successful career in Sales and Market Development−including his most recent position as Technical Sales and Research Manager at Southern Ionics (West Point, MS).


Woodhouse will now leverage his years of chemical sales and market development experience to grow Shin-Etsu's RTV and TIM silicone business in the Southeast U.S. His pivotal goal will be to increase sales by delivering technical product solutions via education and relationship building to establish a stronger customer base for reps and distribution partners in this burgeoning region. A core focus will be on mold-making, LED lighting and electronics across-the-board. SESA’s wide range of RTV & TIM market group product focus will include:


High Performance & Platinum Tooling Silicone / Variable Durometeer System for Rapid Prototyping


Specifically designed for mold making, SESA’s SES2251 product line is formulated for the rigors of the Rapid Prototyping Industry where part accuracy, long mold life, ease of release and enhanced cured physical properties are required. Designed around a low viscosity base for addition curing, changing hardness and durometers is now a painless task with the flexible range of catalyst options with this mold making silicone.


According to Woodhouse, “Ideal for 3d printing and stereolithographic prototype parts, you can make a mold for a urethane reproduction master part and encapsulate in silicone rubber, cut it in half, then pull master out without a release agent for a perfect cavity. It’s more cost effective than steel mold making, particularly if you only have to run 300-400 parts, and the ease-of-release means the mold will last longer out of each pour.”


Additionally, the SES2251 offers high platinum levels for inhibition resistance, a new variable durometer system, new technology to slow urethane degradation to silicone, and excellent clarity for visual inspection.


KE-109E A/B:

Optically Clear Encapuslants for LED Applications


Shin-Etsu's KE-109E A/B is an optically clear, heat cured, dual component, potting encapsulant that will cure to form a durable, flexible rubber. The product exhibits excellent electrical isolation and adhesion to printed circuit board substrates, metals, plastics, glass, and ceramics. KE-109E A/B is for encapsulating LED diodes, ruggedizing LCD displays, and can be used in underwater and above water LED lighting.


ASP-2010 A/B:


Shin-Etsu's ASP-2010 A/B is a dual component, heat cure LED potting encapsulant that is designed for use in conjunction with their KER-2000 DAM/KER-2020 DAM damming materials for LED and COB applications. The product is a phenyl-based, hybrid technology which offers a higher refracting index of 1.56 which is ideal for capturing ambient light for fiber optics.



According to SESA’s North America Marketing Manager, Eric Bishop, “Shin-Etsu Silicone’s high-performance RTV and TIM silicone products can meet a wide variety of needs−offering outstanding high and low-temperature resistance, weather resistance, and electrical properties. The addition of Brian’s diverse expertise to the RTV Group in the pivotal Southeast region will allow Shin-Etsu to educate and deliver innovative solutions to our customers to help grow our business.” 

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You may also contact Brian Woodhouse directly via email at: [email protected]