Nualight launches Helios

April 4, 2018

Within the last decade, LED has revolutionised lighting in industry. Nualight, already pioneers of LED within the retail environment, recognised their customers’ frustration when they could not transport the benefits they had realised from within the store to their own warehouses and manufacturing plants. From there, the industrial portfolio grew. Fast forward and Nualight is a name known in the industrial luminaire market for producing exceptional and affordable high-bay and linear luminaires. A new concept to market is HELIOS.

Nualight who never had the hindrances of conventional lighting technology, have designed a linear solution from the ground up. Helios is a clever, stylish, fit and forget solution constructed to offer the end user a robust high-performance luminaire, which is easy to install and flexible enough to adapt to the future requirements of the space. Simply put, Helios is smart, sleek and sophisticated

Robust & Practical
A range of robust IP66, IK10 impact resistant LED linear moisture / damp and dust proof luminaires suitable for tough industrial applications from manufacturing, logistics and warehouses to indoor car parks, cold stores, wash-down and service areas. Helios has been designed specifically with low UGR applications in mind. In a point-for-point replacement of traditional or less efficient LED luminaires, the class leading efficacies of Helios (up to 135lm/w) will enable users to make immediate energy savings without having to change their current wiring installation.

Quick and Easy to Install
Designed as “fit and forget” Helios is a sleek and simple solution welcomed by both end users and installers. Impressively light, Helios is through-wired as standard with a simple flip down access to the connector and clip-in sturdy aluminium mounting brackets. The one- part construction and hinged access compartment means there is no risk or need for installers to separate the gear-tray from the diffusers, which can often be awkward to remove and replace without trapping wires or seals and possibly compromising the IP rating of the luminaire. Likewise, in Helios there are no closure clips to be broken or lost.

Flexible for the future
With long lifetimes (L80 @100Khrs) Helios offers the ability to add accessories post-installation with minimal fuss. This is especially interesting for customers who do not opt for controls or sensors at initial installation, but who want the flexibility to easily upgrade their installations retrospectively.

Smart, Sleek & Sophisticated
Clever features which come as standard include a thermal protection circuit, low flicker, pre-fitted cable glands, analogue 1-10v dimming, self-test and separate non-maintained emitters in the emergency versions, all equate to Helios being a sophisticated solution for demanding applications.

A sleek and aesthetically pleasing profile means Helios is a contender for both front and back of house applications creating a seamless look throughout. Helios is available with range of accessories including wireless microwave dimming sensors and DALI adaptors.

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