Why are you waiting for ODM/OEM ? MEAN WELL can provide a 14-day delivery service!

Nov. 9, 2018

Global raw materials are now facing a serious shortage, and major power factories have extended their delivery period from 60 to 120 days. The standard power supply leader - MEAN WELL Group, including its branch companies and the worldwide authorized distributors, has recently announced that for regular customers (over a period of three to six months) who place orders for standard items with a quantity of less than 100 units, a 14-day delivery service is provided, effective from 05th Oct, 2018.
According to Ted Cheng, Sales Director of MEAN WELL Group, "MEAN WELL is a manufacturer that has always focused on standard power supplies, allowing customers to directly enjoy the advantages of our products and services, such as a complete product line, sufficient inventory, same day delivery for samples, and the fact that customers do not have to pay NRE and mold fees. More importantly, all products have a full safety certification, so customers do not have to waste time with verification and paying expensive certification fees. They can also avoid having the ODM or OEM factory reject them due to small quantity order!"
MEAN WELL can continue to grow and provide fast delivery services, which depending on its effective production plan, along with its efficient JIT shared material management and computerized system that stores its nearly USD 300 million inventory in worldwide distributors and branches in Europe and America.
In order to meet the 14-day delivery commitment, MEAN WELL is continuing to expand its production capacity and improve its operational flow to provide nearly 10,000 different power products to our authorized distributors. Ted said, “If MEAN WELL is unable to fulfill its promise of a 14-day delivery period, we promise to provide a free air shipment service.”