MEAN WELL participated in DiiA and join forces to develop DALI standard program

May 17, 2017

The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) is an open, global consortium of lighting companies. It has 30 member companies now, and aims to grow the market for lighting-control solutions based on IEC 62386, the international standard for digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) technology.

In 2012, MEAN WELL joined the DALI alliance (the predecessor of DiiA) ahead of the game. We participated in the certification program of DALI 1.0 to ensure the interoperability of LED drivers working perfectly with multi-vendors’ products or systems in the basis of DALI standards.

Today, DiiA will continue to promote DALI 2.0 certification of lighting products. In addition to participation in the interoperability test events, which gives the assurance of DiiA certification program meets the needs of power supplies, MEAN WELL will also join forces with the leading companies in digital addressable lighting. It represents that in the dimming technology development roadmap, MEAN WELL will not be absent.


Currently, MEAN WELL LED drivers with DALI dimming compliance are:


1. Launched products: Built-in DALI function LED driver 

   a. ELG series/ ELG-C series DA Type (Constant current and constant voltage output LED drivers with PFC)

   ELG-75/ ELG-100/ ELG-150/ ELG-200/ ELG-240

   ELG-75-C/ ELG-100-C/ ELG-150-C/ ELG-200-C/ ELG-240-C 

   b. LCM series/ LCM-U series DA Type (Multiple-stage constant current output LED drivers with PFC)

    LCM-25DA/ LCM-40DA/ LCM-60DA

    LCM-40UDA/ LCM-60UDA 

   c. DALI to PWM Converter (to use along with MEAN WEL AC/DC LED PSU with 3-in-1 dimming)

    DAP-04/ DAP-04S01 

2. Ongoing products: 

   a. HBG series DA Type (Circular Shape LED drivers for Bay Lighting with PFC)


   b. IDLC series DA Type (Flicker free design constant current indoor LED driver with PFC)


   c. PWM series DA Type (Constant voltage PWM output LED driver with PFC)

    PWM-120 (12V/24V) 

   d. LDD/LDH series DA Type (Constant current DC/DC LED driver)

    LDD-DA/ LDH-45DA 

3. Underdevelopment/ Coming soon: 

   a. LDC series DA type (Linear constant power LED driver)


   b. DALI Power


   c. HBGC series DA type ((Circular Shape LED drivers for Bay Lighting with PFC)


   d. ELGC series DA type (Constant power LED driver with PFC)


If you have any interest or inquiry for LED drivers with DALI dimming function, please visit our official website:  or contact our sales service department globally.
Reference: DiiA website: