LG Innotek unveiled Nexlide-L for Automotive Ultra-slim Line Lamps

Nov. 26, 2018

Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 26th, 2018 – LG Innotek today announced that it has developed “Nexlide-L”, a line lighting module for automobiles. It emits bright and uniform light from the module's sharp line of 3mm width.

It is the thinnest width among automotive exterior lamps. Since the quality and mass production tests are already completed, the company can supply customized designs according to customer orders.

Automotive lighting is an important device that reveals the identity of a car and determines its first impression. Lighting is an element that is newly designed whenever a new car is developed. It indicates a driver’s intention to change direction or whether the brake is engaged, being directly linked with safety.

LG Innotek implemented its proprietary “LED lighting structure design technology” to realize the ultra-slim line lamp “Nexlide-L”. This cutting-edge technology makes the original dot-shaped LED light shine uniformly in a line or plane shape.

“Nexlide-L” is good for improving the design completeness of an automobile. This is because the product produces the light that is uniformly bright from one end to the other end along a slim and smooth lighting line. In addition, according to the design concept, various shapes of lightings such as straight lines, curves, and waves can be made without limit.

The color and brightness of the product can be customized according to its application and mounting position. The lightings can be designed in a variety of ways to produce, for example, red light for brake lamps and centre high mount stop lamp (CHMSL), yellow light for turn signal lamps and side-view mirror lamps, and white light for position lamps.

Especially, “Nexlide-L” has excellent luminous efficacy to give a bright light of 7,500nit(cm/m2) It can be used for a brake lamp because it fully meets the brightness the lamp required.

LG Innotek has further expanded its automotive LED lighting lineup with the development of “Nexlide-L”. The company has a total of 20 kinds of package lamp modules, including exterior LED lamps such as headlamps, daytime running lamps (DRLs), position lamps, turn signal lamps, side-view mirror lamps, tail lamps (brake lamps) and centre high mount stop lamp (CHMSL) as well as interior lamps and dashboards.

The company plans to accelerate its efforts to conquer the global automotive LED market with the development of “Nexlide-L”. The company is already ready to supply LED lamp modules stably according to customers' requirements. It is equipped with technology patents, production facilities, and quality control system. The company has a total of 215 related patents.

LG Innotek official said, “The Nexlide-L is a lighting module that can enhance the design, quality and safety of a vehicle at once.” He also said, "Car manufacturers and drivers will be satisfied with the high-quality lighting component."

[Photo caption: LG Innotek’s “Nexlide-L” for Automotive Ultra-slim Line Lamps]


[Photo caption: LG Innotek’s “Nexlide-L” for Automotive Ultra-slim Line Lamps]


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