Electrolube Introduce Aromatic and Halogen-Free Acrylic Coating

Jan. 3, 2018

Electrolube, the specialist electro-chemicals manufacturer, has introduced a brand new halogen-free, acrylic conformal coating, HFAC. The new product has been developed as an ideal solution for manufacturers who require a coating, formulated without the use of aromatic solvents or chlorinated and, bromininated  flame retardents that can created hazardous and highly corrosive species during a fire.  For specific customer applications, HFAC will entirely eliminate the negative issues associated with halogenated materials and issues with aromatic solvents, presenting an excellent coating alternative.

The new coating is flexible and transparent with improved flame retardancy, excellent clarity and UV resistance, making it ideal for use in LED applications. The UL94 V0 approved HFAC is a versatile coating, which can be sprayed, dipped or brushed, and with Electrolube’s ULS Ultrasolve, the coating can be easily removed for rework.

HFAC joins Electrolube’s highly successful Aromatic Free Conformal Coatings range,which has been carefullydeveloped without the use of hazardous aromatic solvents, such as Xylene and Toluene, making these particular coatings less harmful to the operator. In response to demand for a halogen-free coating product, the new HFAC was created as an alternative version of Electrolube’s highly popular Aromatic Free Acrylic Coating, AFA. The properties of the new acrylic coating product are much the same as the AFA coating range, which includes being free of aromatic solvents, a wide operating temperature range, a UV trace to aid inspection and fast touch-dry time at room temperature.

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