New American Bright EzyLED 3030 series

Aug. 16, 2017

Chino, CA – American Bright, the global LED lighting solutions manufacturer introduces the EzyLED 3030 family.  This series of low-mid power LED reduces driving circuit dramatically. All EzyLEDs are connected in parallel, and directly driven by a conventional 12V /24V DC voltage source without the needs of the driver IC and passive components. With EzyLED so easy to use, users only have to focus on the design of the lamps. Inventory management of components is minimized without the extra resistors, bridge rectifiers, and CRD. The EzyLED can actively modulate the power usage which will diminish the input current to avoid being overheated.   The input current, light output, and the color temperature can stay consistent despite the exterior voltage changes or fluctuations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented LED chip design with built-in driving IC.
  • Using conventional 12V /24V DC voltage sources.
  • All EzyLEDs connected in parallel
  • Luminance and Correlated color temperature (CCT) remains
  • Built-in rectification for non-polar applications.
  • Active thermal management


  • Automotive: side marks, rear lamps, interior lighting
  • Indoor: Linear Lamps, down light, spot light, advertising
  • Outdoor:  Architectural and General lighting

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About American Bright:

American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation is a leading manufacturer in LED solutions with over 20 year of experience in global research, engineering, manufacturing and OEM solutions.  We offer one of the industry’s largest selection of AC LED light engines, Horticulture lighting, IoT modules, PoE, Custom PCB assembly, Digital Signage, High Power LED, SMT Chips, PLCC, LED lamps, and IR products.


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