Tim Delucca Joins ERG Lighting as the new Director of Sales

Dec. 5, 2018

Endicott, New York – Endicott Research Group Inc. announced Tim Delucca as the new Director of Sales. Delucca, formerly a Regional Sales Manager, will now be returning to ERG to take over the sales and marketing side of the company, focusing on improving new product development, sales team management, and company growth in the SSL market.

Delucca had been with ERG Lighting for a number of years as a RSM, but left to take a higher position at a different company. “I’m just glad to see him back!” said Scott Barney, President at ERG Lighting. “Tim was a very talented Sales Manager for us back in the day and an extremely hard worker. I will take a guy like that back in a heartbeat. Now, with the experience he has gained, he is a perfect fit to take a leadership role at the company”

“Frankly, I missed it here.” said Delucca. “I enjoyed my time as the Southeast Regional Sales manager at ERG. The people and work environment just clicked.” When asked about what he expects to bring to the table as Director of Sales Tim said, “Scott did a great job as the VP of Sales and Marketing and really put us in a good position to grow long-term. What I want to do is take that foundation and maximize what each of my sales guys can do. As long as we can keep equipping them with right skills and tools to truly show what our products can do, I know we can keep this path of growth going.”

About ERG Lighting

ERG Lighting designs and manufactures complete OEM and retrofit solutions for indoor and outdoor solid state lighting applications. Products include high-performing LED drivers, DLC-approved retrofit solutions for commercial and residential troffers, and DC & AC LED light engines. ERG Lighting’s drivers and troffer retrofit kits are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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