SILCOTHERM Thermally Conductive Silicone Products

Thermally conductive silicone materials for use in LED packaging
Thermally conductive silicone materials for use in LED packaging
ACC Silicones’ SILCOTHERM® range comprises of a wide variety of silicone products which have been specially formulated, with added thermally conductive particles, to produce materials which effectively transfer heat as well as performing their primary function. These products are typically used in electronic applications, such as computers, automotive electronics, LEDs and sensors where unwanted heat needs to be dissipated away from delicate components to maintain performance, increase the product life and reduce failures and breakdowns.

The SILCOTHERM range includes: adhesives, which can be used to permanently bond a component to a heat sink eliminating the need for mechanical fixings; encapsulants and potting compounds, which provide protection for delicate circuitry at the same time as transferring heat away; gap fillers which remain flexible when cured avoiding stress fractures when under compression; and heat sink greases which are non-setting which makes reworking easy.
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