Momentive RTV615 clear potting silicone
Momentive RTV615 clear potting silicone
RTV615 is crystal clear potting silicone from Momentive Performance materials which is widely known for its optical clarity benefits. Ideal for evaluation in applications such as potting solar cells for maximum light transmission and on electronic assemblies where component identification is required. Widely used in LED assemblies applications.

Cures at room temperature to a high strength silicone rubber suitable for the protection of electronic components and assemblies against shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust, chemicals, and other environmental hazards.

Product Benefits
Convenient 10:1 mixing ratio
Low viscosity allows for easy flow
Heat accelerated cure possible
Will cure in deep sections or enclosed assemblies
Low shrinkage
Crystal clear with fantastic optical clarity

Technical Properties
Uncured Consistency:Easily Pourable
Colour: Clear
Cured Shore Hardness: 44 Shore A
Elongation: 120%
Dielectric Strength: 19.7kv/ mm (500 v/mil)
Operating Temperature: -60°C to +204°C

FDA Approved
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