Violumas Adds New UVA Wavelengths with Boosted Output to Product Lineup

Sept. 26, 2022
An index boosting solution increases optical output of the bare die by 100% to support high-power applications.

Violumas is proud to announce the addition of two new wavelengths to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. The California-based company has secured a steady supply of 340 nm and 325 nm LEDs, enabling production of surface-mount-device (SMD) and chip-on-board (COB) devices at these niche wavelengths.  

Violumas’ new 325nm and 340nm products provide the highest optical output in the market along with exceptional reliability (LT70 > 6,000 hours), enabling denser and more reliable designs. Due to a specially developed index boosting solution, the optical output of the bare die LED is increased by 100%, facilitating the development of high-power applications. The single-chip packages boast a 5.9% wall-plug efficiency at 340 nm (113 mW, 5.5 V, 350 mA) and a wall-plug efficiency of 3% at 325 nm (55 mW, 5.3 V, 350 mA). With additional configurations promised for 2023, Violumas continues its streak of providing reliable and affordable market-driven solutions. 

With the addition of these two new wavelengths, Violumas’ product line offers full-spectrum UV LED solutions with products in the UVA, UVB, and UVC ranges. In addition to standard SMD and COB products, Violumas offers unique services involving custom array design, optical simulation services, and UV LED consultation. 

About Violumas

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas is a UV LED company that is dedicated to providing full-service UV LED products and solutions. Our patented chip technology allows us to engage in unparalleled applications of ultraviolet technology with more powerful and reliable deep UV solutions. As a company that carries the whole spectrum of UV products from wafers to modules in the UVA to UVC range (405 nm to 265 nm) and capabilities in optical, mechanical, and thermal design, Violumas aims to be the world-leading supplier of high performance UV LED solutions.