Covid 19-prevention by UVC - surface disinfection

Nov. 12, 2020

OSA Opto Light has just finished developing the easy-to-use LED system OLM-059 for disinfection of surfaces. This system operates at 265 nm, which is the optimal wavelength for DNA and RNA inactivation, has a light emitting area of 80 x 15 mm and achieves an optical power density of 20 mW/cm² at a distance of 1 cm from the glass window. The LED unit is equipped with forced air cooling, protection window, safety features and external power supply. With this unit surfaces can be disinfected with a dose of 30 mJ/cm² and a scanning speed of 4 cm/s. For example, an easy to set up machine with two irradiation heads for front and reverse side can treat a credit card within a second.

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