New high power visible-NIR broadband LED

Sept. 23, 2020

The nearby black body emission spectrum of halogen or incandescent lamps lead to a preferred usage in various measurement applications like spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. But this technology has lost its importance for visible light sources in general lighting due to their lower luminous efficiency and the availability attenuates continuously.  

The massive progress in LED technology enabled OSA opto light the development of broadband emitters based on short wavelength LED in combination with phosphors. The last generation of this development, the OCL-480 GIR, represents a new milestone for broadband high-power emitters and shows excellent performance between 460 and 1000nm.

With a radiant power of 450 mW at 1000mA in pulse operation this LED is ideal for applications in life science, spectroscopy, spectral resolved image analysis and chemical analyses. Especially the unique broadband peak between 900 and 1000 nm and the remaining blue peak from the excitation equilibrates the attenuated sensitivity of silicon-based detectors in this wavelength ranges.

The absence of thermal radiation in the range above 1000 nm reduces the thermal stress on sensitive specimens like living cells or proteins.  For OSA opto light as supplier of customized solutions the adoption of the spectrum to customer demand is a daily business. This freedom to design your spectrum within the technical limits is besides pulse operation, robustness and life time are advantages of our LED-solution. Please contact our sales team for further information, also for our solution OCL-480 XE428 in the wavelength range 365-450 nm.