Acclaim Lighting Launches Acclaim Europe BV to Support Architects and Lighting Designers

Nov. 1, 2023
Acclaim Lighting Europe B.V. extends lighting solutions business opportunities in Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA). 
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LOS ANGELES (October 18, 2023) – Acclaim Lighting, a leader in innovative and advanced lighting technology, introduces Acclaim Lighting Europe B.V. to serve the architectural and lighting designer communities in Europe. The European company has an experienced and well-trained staff that provides extensive support to lighting designers and architects to create leading distinctive lighting solutions. 

Based in Kerkrade in the South of the Netherlands near German and Belgium borders, Acclaim Lighting Europe B.V. is supporting architects, lighting designers and distributors in Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA). 

Pascal Van Sloan, Acclaim Lighting Europe BV European Sales and marketing Manager, said, “Acclaim Lighting Europe BV was established to handle the distinctive needs of the European design community. In general, the design tastes in Europe (EMEA)tend to be more ornate to reflect the region’s historic architecture. Europe is also known for its stricter environmental standards, so our focus there is on energy-efficient lighting solutions. We believe Acclaim is well-positioned to meet these unique challenges because of the extensive experience of our sales and technical support team, as well as our wide range of products to appeal to a wide array of tastes and technological needs.” 

Acclaim Lighting Europe BV offers an impressive portfolio of innovative advanced solid-state lighting technology for dynamic architectural and commercial lighting products including linear, flood, downlights, direct view, and flexible products with high-performance control solutions for a wide variety of environments. 

For more information Acclaim Lighting Europe BV at phone +31-45-5468560 or visit